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Mountain Bike Detailing Service $225.00

Every bike is different so we detail accordingly. Ideally we prefer to give your bike a gentle bubble bath with Dawn dish soap & rinsed with a low pressure sprayer pumped by a human hand. Hey,if Dawn is safe to get oil off ducks, it's safe for your bike.

We do use Pro-Gold (carbon & enviormentaly safe) Bike Wash. If we do have to hose off your bike, we'll still give it a bubble bath after, just not as gentle.
We don't get out the hose to wash your bike unless it really needs it.

Why do we wash the bike? Will it hurt my pivots, headset & cranks!?
We wash the bike to remove as much dirt as possible before any mechanical service. Washing the bike before service stops cross contamination later and the inital cleaning serves as a secondary inspection before service begins.

Who Needs A Mountain Bike Detail Service?!
  • You are just too busy to do it yourself and You want your bike to be perfect for your next ride or race.
  • Just got back from Moab in May and there's still 4 months of riding & racing in great weather.
  • It's September,You've been to Whistler,You raced Crankworx!
  • You've been riding Surveyors, Dog River & Sandy Ridge all season.
  • Training for XC, STXC & Cyclocross racing and You need Your bike ready to race.
  • All You can think about is snowbording, there's 5 months until the snow melts!

Mountain Bike Detailing Service Includes:

When You make an appointment for Detail Service, You can choose to meet with Jimmy The Mechanic or drop off your bike. If You choose to meet with we'll schedule an appointment to meet Jimmy. He'll will put your bike in a workstand and inspect your bike and start the discovery process with you. The mechanic will listen to your description of the problem(s) and ask you a few questions after a visual inspection. If Your bike needs any additional parts or service, We'll give you an estimate in addition to The Detail Service.

If You can't stick around just drop off the bike and if Your bike needs any additional parts or service, we'll call,email or text You an estimate in addition to The Detail Service.

Additional Service Charges Not included in Detail Service Up Price
Tires Starting at $20-$45 each  
Tubes $8.00 each

Tubeless Tires

$10.00 per wheel
Add Stans sealant Change tire,includes sealant
$20.00 per tire
Cables & Housing $5.00 each & $5.00 per ft.
Chains Starting at $15.
Cassettes & Freewheels Starting at $25.
Hydraulic Bleed & Replace pads $30.per brake
  +cost of brake pads
Rim Brake Pads $10-$20 Per Brake
Fork Service .
Oil & seals $100.00
Custom Tuning $150.00
Factory repair estimate+shipping
Shock Service  
Oil & seals $100.00
Custom Tuning $150.00
Factory repair estimate+shipping

You bought this bike!
2015 Rocky Mountain
Altitude 799MSL
You are The Enduro Racer!

How do You protect
your investment
for the next 5-10 years?!

Oh No! It's Raining &Muddy!
Rocky Mountain

THUNDERBOLT 799 MSL needs to be detailed
for my next race.


A fully loaded, including XTR Di2 and Stans Valor carbon wheels.

Are You going to put this bike away wet & dirty?!

2015 Rocky Mountain
Element 999 RSL 29"

Eduro Racer!

2015 Rocky Mountain
Vertex 990 RSL 29"


2015 Rocky Mountain
Trailhead 29er